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welcome to the official website of joseph s maxwell starring me, joseph s maxwell

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i like making videos. here are some

sometimes you feel insignificant

a parody of john wilson and joe pera (and by "parody" i just mean i tried to copy them exactly)


a meditation on the duality of man. jk it's just me messing around with trap beats and self-hating-narcisisst emo lyrics, trying to make a video that will go viral on tiktok


you can see more on youtube, tiktok, and instagram


i like making music. here is some


a synthy track featuring words from a charlie kaufman speech


a stripped down acoustic ep featuring songs about loneliness. this album was released the same day i had a psychotic break after smoking weed for the first and only time


you can listen to more on spotify and bandcamp


i like writing. here is some

the machine

a sci-fi web novella i wrote for absolutely no reason

a team of scientists develop a process by which living subjects can travel through cyberspace as data. as preparations for deployment begin, mysterious unintended side-effects threaten the success of the project.

you can read it here

nandor's birthday

a spec script for an episode of what we do in the shadows. i wrote this for no reason

hijinks ensue as guillermo plans a party for nandor's 700th vampire birthday.

you can read it here


you can read more on twitter


i like to do other things. here are some

herot falls

a dumb game i made in college. i made all the music and most of the art for it. it only really works on a computer

you can play it here

ten out of ten

a podcast i hosted that ran out of steam very quickly. i made all of the music for it which was fun, and there are some good episodes. below is one of my favorites


thanks for visiting this website. i appreciate you and i love you